Internships are the waitress jobs of every career. Everyone should be an intern at some point. Depending on your field of study, internships have a range of availability. When I was in high school, I had three different internships:  testing the waters of a variety of careers and moving my college plans accordingly. It taught me the sheer importance of an internship.

Here's a list of reasons why everyone should be an intern, and how to make your budget work with the circumstances if your finances make that an issue. 

1. Know how to get an internship.

It sounds self explanatory, but the only way to know how to get a job is by actually getting one. However, sometimes that can be stressful. Think of getting an internship as a trial for the real world.The application process works in general for all internships and jobs is basically the same. So, test out your application, interview, and search skills. Each time you get a new internship, improve these, and you'll end up bettering yourself. 

2. Connect with people in your field.

Social climbing and yuppies of the '80s have been replaced by coffee meet ups and networking events. Entire careers can be built through connections these days, but you need that first friend. An internship is a great place to get those core friendships with processionals in your field or future success stories (like yourself). That way, you'll know more jobs that open in your field and have name recognition points with new hiring personnel. Every step up counts. Just remember to keep up with each other's careers and help a friend out when in need. That's how you start a network. 

3. Find what you want.

Not everyone knows what they want to do when they get to college, and even if they do, things still change. If an internship is like a test-job than think of it as a test-career as well. Do you want to do it for the rest of your life? Maybe you do. Maybe you want something else in this field, or you've found a niche within the field you really succeed at. Use your newfound internship to find out more about yourself and your future. 

4. Start at the bottom.

It's not that everyone has to "pay their dues." This isn't hazing. It's more that everyone needs to start somewhere, and the bottom is often the only place where those with no experience can go.So, take the job that may bot be so glamorous. Do your job well. Then work your way up when appropriate. Be ambitious, but also understand that you need to put the work in. You can't build a tower without the proper foundation. 

5. Stay busy and productive.

Whether there's a lull between classes or entire summers left with nothing to do, an internship is an amazingly productive way to fill in your time. If you're short on cash, a great solution is to get a smaller internship where you can work remotely. That way you can also work. Or get an internship during the year, and work during the summer. That way you get experience during the year and money for the following year in the summer time. Depending on your schedule, you could use both. Depending on your field, internships can also being paid.

6. Why not?

After all these things, what do you actually have to lose? Live life fabulously. Fulfill your greatest potential. Get an internship!

Internships can bring you to amazing places and meet amazing people. John F. Kennedy Library positions can edit videos and have meet and greets with Nancy Pelosi. Press release type-ups for newspapers can become research pieces. Ushers can become extras in nearby movies and meet their biggest heroes. All these stories are true. The best opportunities are readily looked for and earned with every piece of ourselves. They're wished for and happily invited.A great internship can get you there.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash