The monthly ritual of stripping your bed to wash your sheets is over. No more wasting money on detergent. No more rolls of quarters for a machine dedicated only to your sheets. Beantown Bedding, a Boston company started by two moms who were sending their kids off to college and couldn't find disposable sheets, has the solution for every college kid who does not have the time, or frankly, the money to wash sheets every month.

Emily McKeon

I was sent a Twin XL set which comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase. The Full and Queen options additionally come with two pillowcases. Upon looking at what goes into this biodegradable product, I was surprised to find no cotton or silk listed. Usually, when one thinks of sheets, you think of the two aforementioned materials. I took this as meaning that they would maybe not be as soft as the cotton sheets I currently had on my bed. Boy, was I wrong.

Emily McKeon

The first of the set that I tested was the pillowcase. I slipped my pillow inside, rested my head on it, and was immediately taken aback by how soft and comfortable it felt. It was akin to laying on a cloud. My previous pillowcase was okay. It got the job done, but it was definitely not as soft as the Beantown Bedding pillowcase.

I then wrestled the fitted sheet on, as fitted sheets are almost always a pain in the neck to get onto any bed, and was again surprised by how soft it was. Okay, yes, it's a plus when the pillowcase is soft, but the fitted sheet too? Wow.

The flat sheet came next, and sure enough, it was as soft as an alpaca. I can now see what the rave is about Beantown Bedding. Not only are their products soft, but it is absolutely comfortable to move around in the bed. You don't get the slight tug from silk nor the scratchiness associated with cotton. A check in my books.

Emily  McKeon

Thinking of traveling soon? Beantown Bedding is perfect for on-the-go traveling. The hypoallergenic, responsibly sourced sheets can fit into any luggage! The best part is you can sleep easy knowing that these sheets are compostable, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

You can even sign up for a subscription service via Beantown Bedding's online shop, so you don't have to worry about re-purchasing every month.

The best part about this company is that every purchase helps the company to donate their products to Camp Sunshine.

Beantown Bedding is not only soft and comfortable, but great for the environment as well as your health. Save time, save quarters, go biodegradable!

Lead Image Credit: Emily McKeon

Disclaimer: This product was gifted, but all opinions are the writer's own.