Anyone who wears earrings knows that the biggest con to owning them is losing both the earrings and earring backs easily. 

This could be attributed to carelessness by the owner, but the major reason is the regular earring backs that come with these earrings are weak and have large holes. This causes earrings to easily slip through and get lost. I have been a personal victim to this unpleasantness and I keep spending money on new sets of earrings whenever I go through this phase because jewelry, particularly earrings, are my favorite accessory.

However, after discovering Oh Snap earring back, I knew it was time to save some money. This product solves the problem of losing earrings and earring backs and deals with the issue of discomfort.

Dominica Dzakah

When I first set eyes on Oh Snap earring backs, I was taken aback by the beauty from how colorful they were. They came in five colors: pink, orange, blue, purple and colorless. There is a second option for a pair of three colors at a lesser price, but why go for three when you have more diversity with five colors? These colors make it easy to spot the attachments and are in fact, just pleasing to the eye. I could wear my earrings and feel put together because at least I know my favorite blue shirt and blue earring backs are coordinating. For the person who wants to be neutral, the best bet will be the colorless earring backs. Fashion 101!

Another reason I fell in love with Oh Snap earring backs is that they are magnetic. 

Knowing that I can easily have a pair of earrings together in one place makes me less worried when I’m deciding on which pair to wear. The magnet holds both earrings so there’s no way an individual earring will be located at a different place from the other when I’m storing them. The icing on the cake is that this product comes with a metal tray that holds the earring backs, hence it’s quite difficult to misplace them. For someone who owns earrings more than twice the size of earring backs, I can say my heart had leaped for joy at this magnetic feature. Heaven knows I’m tired of losing those unstable regular earring backs. Additionally, these earring backs have a fixed cubic shape so there is no problem with them being unsteady behind my ears when I wear them. The fact that they are medium sized is another reason to rejoice because they are simple and do not add an extra weight to my earlobes!

Dominica Dzakah

Although I’m fortunate enough to have minimal to no allergic reactions to non-silicone jewelry, I was still relieved to know that this product is made of silicone because I am assured of extra protection. I know there are many individuals who would appreciate this invention solely because they buy hypoallergenic products. They would not put anyone at risk of having an infection or reaction. Unlike regular earring backs that are sometimes too tight, hence bruising my earlobes, or too loose resulting in them simply falling off, Oh Snap earrings are the perfect fit. They fit comfortably and I even forget I have them on. These accessories are beyond comfortable and safer than any earring backs I have ever possessed.

People say “beauty is pain” but it doesn’t have to be when it comes to finding the perfect earring backs, and Oh Snap worked the magic for me. 

Having discovered Oh Snap earring backs, I knew that my many problems with earring backs had come to an end. I no longer have to worry about losing my earrings or earring backs because they are kept intact. The comfort that comes with wearing them is one that is unexplainable. The best part? No more money on earring backs because— you guessed it— they will never fall off and get lost. 

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Disclaimer: This product was gifted, but all opinions are the writer's own.