Many of us count down the hours and days until summer break. It's the time some of us work a part-time job or intern for some company during the day— while binging some Netflix show at night. Though some classes make us second guess our academic choices, our majors usually correlate with our interests and genuine curiosity. Not only will your major get you a job but even better, it might incite a Netflix show. Listed below are some majors that can be applied to original Netflix series.

1. House of Cards: Political Science Major

Due to the sexual assault scandal surrounding Kevin Spacey, who plays Francis Underwood, there is only one season left of the show. However, it is a great show illustrating the cutthroat environment of politics applying concepts of the American government system. While watching this show, you might be able to fact check the storyline.

2. Dear White People: Ethnic Studies Major, African American Studies, Media Studies, Journalism Major 

With season 2 just released, this television series confronts racism on a college campus through the perspective of people of color on a prominently white Ivy League university, meaning racial bias and social injustice. As an ethnic studies major, it'll be interesting to unpack multiple scenes of racial inequality while media or journalism students may appreciate the main character, Samantha White, who uses her the radio show as a platform to expose university's discrimination.

3. Alter Carbon: Computer Science Major, Legal Studies, Criminology Major

Influenced by today's growing artificial intelligence industry, this show depicts the year 2384 when memories have been stored on a disk placed in human's vertebrae, meaning the physical body does not matter - just the memory storage device. Furthermore, the main character Takeshi Kovacs is hired by a rich aristocrat to figure out who killed him. This show, in particular, is great for all engineers seeking to create a new world similarly shown in the series. It's a great mystery, as well as an interesting look into the legal aspect for this new idea of death.

4. The Crown: History Major, Art History Major

This historical drama portrays the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth II, who is still alive at the age of 92. If you're a history major, this show tracks historical significance with her policies as a European leader to President John F Kennedy's assassination. An art history major may appreciate the time period of this show and the art displayed throughout the Buckingham Palace. 

5. 13 Reasons Why: Psychology Major, Gender Studies, Sociology

Co-produced by famous pop star Selena Gomez, this show aims to start a conversation about mental health in today's young adults by following the journey to Hannah Baker's suicide through 13 tapes. As a psychology major, it's interesting to step inside Hannah's mind and figure out your way to help her with your knowledge. As a sociology major, one can review society's inequality by gender through the unfortunate circumstances of rape, bullying and sexual assault.

Warning: This show may contain triggers for those who are currently struggling with mental health.

6. Stranger Things: Astronomy Major, Physics Major, Neuroscience Major, Environment Major

Black Mirror - Sociology Major

The characters from this show, a group of young middle schoolers, try to save their small town from the supernatural universe with dangerous creatures known as Demogorgon. These kids are brilliant with concepts of astronomy and physics that help them solve mysteries of the upside down. However, these characters also experience powers using brain power. They're intriguing for a neuroscience major and fascinating to an environmental major. 

7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Theater Major, Dance Major, Rhetoric Major, Linguistic Major

Created by the remarkable Tina Fey, this show follows Kimmy, played by Ellie Kemper, adjusting to the modern world after being held in captivity since the age of 14. Kimmy's adventure comedically portrays life obstacles through her bubbly, teenage mentality acting like an adult, demonstrating a theatrical reality. The terminology of Kimmy may be fascinating for rhetoric and linguistic majors as Kimmy's diction plays a role in cultivating the show's humor.

8. Santa Clarita Diet: Biology Major, Nutrition Major, Public Health Major

Sheila Hammond, played by Drew Barrymore, turns into a zombie. But with the help of her family, she tries to adjust to her original suburban and real estate agent life. For a biology major, wrapping your mind around the body components making it possible for Sheila to be a Zombie would be cool to imagine. As a public health and nutrition major, it would be interesting to solve how Sheila's health can be affected by social factors in her new zombie condition as well as her own human blood-craving diet.

These storylines are binge-worthy, but sometimes, if they correlate with your major, you may be even more invested with the concepts or narrative elements. Most importantly, though, don't forget to enjoy the show!

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay